Grief Recovery Outreach Program®

Currently, I facilitate a Grief Recovery Method® Outreach Program. This program is for adults who are experiencing a significant emotional loss, like a loss caused from death, divorce, loss of career, moving, loss of health and many others.  

The support group creates a safe environment for members to express emotions and feel validated.  Also, group members will learn ways to reconcile loss through small action steps.  There is an excellent resource called the Grief Recovery Handbook that group members are asked to read.  The readings are easy and manageable over the course of the 8 week program.

New Program Starting Soon:  Starts Sept. 9, 2014

Contact Barb for more information


Eat Well, Be Well

I co-facilitate this nutrition and wellbeing class with a nutrition therapy practioner.  This is a wonderful opportunity to learn how nutrient-dense, whole foods and a healthy lifestyle can improve mental clarity, reduce anxiety and stress, add balance to your life, and lose weight.  The purpose of this class is to motivate, educate and reate positive change in your life using food.  Food plays a critical role in our daily lives - we need it to not only survive but to thrive.  Learn a new way of eating that incorporates whole foods and improved eating protocols/guidelines.

Participants will receive and follow a whole foods/clean eating meal plan.  8 sessions, meet 2 times per month.  

If you are interested in any of the these groups, please contact me for more information.