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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Grief and Loss

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Here are some frequently asked questions from clients.  I hope that you find them helpful. Please feel free to contact me if you have some of your own questions about mental health or about the structure of my practice.

Grief and Loss

When someone moves, often there is a sense of loss.  Grief is a common emotional response to a move.  An individual may grieve the loss of friends, the loss of a childhood house, or the loss of other familiar people and routine places.  Grief counseling helps to reduce feelings of isolation and sadness.  As a result, there is a renewed sense of hopefullness, optimism and happiness. 

Death of a loved one is a significant emotional loss.  Grief and depression can sometimes look alike.  Grieving is normal and natural, and is not depression.  It is likely that once you commit to grief counseling and get the tools you need to reconcile your loss, the sadness and isolaltion will be reduced greatly or completely go away.

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