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To Indulge, or Not to Indulge - The Holiday Season Is HERE!

December 1, 2015
Posted By: Barb Fraser

This important list of tips is written by my friend and colleague, Mindy Pellegrino, who is a nutrition therapist.  She has helped me and many others to improve health through nutrient-rich diets.

The holidays are a special time to enjoy friends and family and to indulge…just a little. 

Practice these tips in order to get through your holidays feeling great!

   13 ways to stay HEALTHY through the Holidays ​


1.       EAT BEFORE CELEBRATING.  Don’t skip meals in order to ‘save’ yourself for the big party.  Treat the day like any other – stick to a protein-rich breakfast and lunch which will ward off any binging at the party later on.


2.       CHOOSE PROTEIN.  Higher protein diets are associated with a greater rate of satiety so when snacking at a gathering don’t skimp on available protein sources.



3.      BRING YOUR OWN.  If you aren’t certain or comfortable with eating what they're serving– bring a healthy side dish to share knowing that this can be your go to if need be.


4.      BE MINDFUL.  Instead of grazing, fill a plate and let that be your ‘meal’.  Pay attention to what you're choosing:  protein, healthy fats and fiber (think veggies) will be far more satisfying than  breads and crackers.  Eat and chew slowly.  Take the time to enjoy what you have and you won't feel deprived.


5.      EAT FAT!  Remember, not all fats are bad.  We need fat in our diets to fuel our brains and bodies and to absorb the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K.  Plus, fats make us feel full.  Dip veggies into guacamole, gnash on nuts and seeds and indulge in olive oil based dressings.



6.      TAKE IT EASY ON THE WHITE STUFF.  White bread, refined sugars, pastas, pastries…these nutrient deplete foods leave us unsatisfied and wanting more. Choose fiber rich whole grains and vegetables for your sides instead.



7.      ENJOY TREATS IN MODERATION.  We tend to connect the holiday season with sugary indulgences.  If craving a piece of Aunt Sue’s signature pie, have a sliver and enjoy it!  Not acknowledging a craving can set you up for a sugar overload.  Another tip before digging into the desserts is to turn your back on the dessert table and check in with yourself – are you really hungry for the sweet or is the visual overload making you think so?



8.      JUST SAY NO.  We all have those friends or relatives that want us to join them in a serving of seconds or another round of drinks.  Without making a scene, simply let them know that you’re taking a breather and move on.



9.      KEEP A HANDLE ON ALCOHOL.    Alcohol lowers inhibitions, making it muchharder to resist over eating.  Keep it to one drink and then fix yourself a club soda with lime and no one will be the wiser.



10.   TALK MORE.  Focus on the socializing aspect of the holidays.  Situate yourself away from the food table and dig in to conversation instead.  It’s a time to celebrate relationships after all!



11.    DRINK WATER.  Drinking water and staying hydrated keeps your energy up for those fruitful conversations and is a great alternative to alcohol.  In fact, if your plan is to have a few glasses of wine in an evening – slowly drink the first glass, then have two glasses of water before having that second glass of wine. Finish the night up with water and not only will you feel satisfied, you won’t be hung over.



12.    STAY ACTIVE.  Go for a walk after the big meal; engage in a game of charades with the kids; head outside and toss the football around or shoot a few hoops.  For many of us, we equate the holidays to stuffing ourselves and falling comatose on the couch to watch TV.  Instead, eat moderately, enjoy some blood-pumping activity and THEN watch a little tube.



13.   DON’T BEAT YOURSELF UP.  So, you overdid it.   Today's a new day which means an opportunity to eat well, move your body and feel good.  Shake it off and start anew!


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