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Grief Recovery

July 10, 2014
Posted By: Barb Fraser

Grief is the normal, natural response to loss.  Grief is the mass of conflicting feelings caused by the end of or change in familiar pattern of behavior.  Simply put, grief is the feeling of reaching out for someone who's always been there, only to find when we need them one more time, he or she is not there.

Are you grieving?  Here are a few signs.  And remember, these are normal and natural responses to a significant emotional loss. Their duration is unique to every person. It is hard to predict how long each one of these will last.  They do not always occur and they are not stages.  

1.  Out of the moment

2.  Drains you of energy

3.  Closes your heart down

4.  "Protect" yourself by not loving again

5.   Limits your loving exposure and thereby dooms the new relationship to fail

6.   HIde your true feelings for fear of being judged

7.   Isolation

8.   Reduced concentration

9.   Disrupted sleep patterns

10. Changed eating habits

Often, we suffer from unresolved grief.  Grief becomes unbearable. We wish we could have said or done things differently.  Sometimes, anger and guilt are common emotions that make us feel emotionally and physically drained.  

While death and divorce are commonly associated with grief, there are over 40 other types of losses.  These include:  major health changes, abuse, financial, moving, death of a pet, empty nest, graduation, faith, and retirement.  

Recovery from loss is possible, and it's achieved through action - a series of correct steps and choices.  The Grief Recovery Method® helps you complete the pain and unfinished emotions associated with a significant emotional loss.  The program gives you tools to recover from the isolation and loneliness.  It allows you to complete the grieving process and find long term happiness.  

If you are grieving and are ready to find joy again in your life, please contact me.  I am a Certified Grief Recovery® Specialist and am available to help you in a group setting or individually.  An Outreach group is now forming.  Please contact me for details.  And find more information on the Grief Recovery Method® at



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