Barbara L. Fraser <br> MA, MAT, LPC

Caffeine Free

February 26, 2014
Posted By: Barb Fraser

Quitting a bad habit is really hard.  Last week,  I finally quit drinking caffeinated coffee with the support of a nutritionist.  Now, I didn't do this suddenly.  For a few months, I gradually took away the caffeinated coffee, adding decaf in its place. Then, I finally went full-test decaf!  I suffered a week of bad headaches, and I was miserable!  I really wanted a caffeine fix - I mean I REALLY wanted a Starbucks coffee in hopes my pounding head would stop.  Yet, I managed to control my impulses, knowing the headaches were only temporary. Sure enough, I now am head-ache free and I feel so much better.

Through this time period, I thought about people who have addictions - bad addictions.  Addiction takes control of your life; getting clean seems impossible because it hurts too much. I suppose, getting clean is more painful than suffering with the addiction.

Now, my caffeine story cannot compare to anyone's story who is struggling with a drug or alcohol problem.  I can't relate at all, but during this time, I did think about my brother who was an alcoholic and died of the disease.  I can't imagine the tortuous pain that he suffered.     

I know that seeking help to get clean or sober is critical.  A support system is necessary.  Taking this first step can be the answer.   


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